L’ontologica ambiguità delle interdittive antimafia, tra reati associativi, criminalità organizzata e Costituzione

Tommaso Guerini


SOMMARIO   1. Ambientamento. – 2. Nel dettaglio: la questione di legittimità costituzionale sollevata dal T.A.R. Piemonte. – 3. Alcune note sparse, a mo’ di commiato.


The ontological ambiguity of anti-mafia interdictions, between associative crimes, organized crime and Constitution.
Reflections on the border T.A.R. Piemonte, section I, April 29, 2021, No. 142

The article examines the constitutional discipline of anti-mafia communications with interdiction effect, underlining its structural ambiguity. In particular, on the basis of the order with which the Piedmont Regional Administrative Court was called upon to rule on the legitimacy of an anti-mafia prohibition notice issued following the ascertainment of the existence of a conviction, not yet final, for the crime of organized activities for the illegal trafficking of waste, we try to offer a constitutionally oriented reading – therefore restrictive – of these measures designed for a criminal law “fight” and today increasingly applied in the “gray zone” between organized crime and business crime.

Anti-mafia communications – Organized crime – Constitutional Court – Judicial discretion