L’evanescente nozione di atto sessuale

Andrea Riccio


SOMMARIO   1. Il panorama normativo risultante dalla l. 15 febbraio 1996. n. 66. – 2. Gli approcci ermeneutici rispetto alla nozione di “atti sessuali”. – 3. Gli orientamenti della giurisprudenza italiana e il riferimento alle zone erogene. – 4. Le zone d’ombra: l’accoglimento dell’approccio contestuale.  – 5. Rilievi critici.


The evanescent notion of sexual act

This paper aims to examine the notion of “sexual act” referred to as in article 609 bis of the Italian Criminal Code, the interpretation of which, over the years, has aroused many uncertainties, even leading to doubt the constitutional legitimacy of the provision referred to for violation of the principle of determinacy. In particular, the goal pursued is to retrace both the different hermeneutical solutions theorized by the doctrine and the concrete jurisprudential applications, with particular reference to those borderline cases with respect to which it is not easy to preach the intrinsic erotic value of the act put in place from the agent (think, for example, of the fleeting kisses on the cheek or the caresses on the wrist).

sexual acts – sexual violence – erogenous zones – objectivistic approach – principle of determinacy