Incendio boschivo e tecniche di ‘controfuoco’.
Noterella dogmatica su questioni (forse) trascurabili

Stefano Fiore


SOMMARIO   1. La classificazione dogmatica delle ipotesi di ‘fuoco non punibile’ inserite nell’art. 423 bis c.p. – 2. Tipicità vs. antigiuridicità. Ancora una volta. – 2.1. Le parole sono importanti. – 3. Una clausola davvero superflua?


Forest fire and ‘backfire’ techniques.
A dogmatic note on (maybe) negligable issues

The new wording of Article 423 bis c.p. (forest fire) expressly excludes the punishment of the so called back-fire and prescribed fire techniques. This paper is dedicated to the analysis of this clause of non punishment from the point of view of its dogmatic qualification.The opinion expressed in the first comments, according to which it would be a cause of justification, cannot be subscribed. Indeed, it seems more correct to believe that the question concerns the structure of the offense.

Forest fire  – Cause of non punishment – Structure of the offence